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For those who are already used to Green Tea as a part of their regular routine, this article should serve as a happy validation of the excellent habit they have cultivated, and for those who are interested in trying it out, read on to discover the various benefits that Green Tea offers.

Green tea is broadly considered to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet for its various benefits observed and documented over hundreds of years in various cultures.  Recent scientific studies are afoot in deciphering and quantifying the benefits of green tea ranging from improvement of brain function to cancer to weight loss.

The most important thing about the beverage, however, is the abundance of antioxidants that are known to fight oxidative stress that cause inflammation, aging, skin problems, and among other problems, cancer.  These antioxidants, which are derived from polyphenols in Green Tea serve to help the body with effectively neutralizing these threats. 

It is widely believed that Green tea aids in weight loss, improved brain function, lowering risk of heart disease, and dealing with psychological issues like anxiety.  Also, when most people consume a beverage like ordinary tea or coffee, the caffeine content is too much to outweigh the benefits the stimulant offers.  Green tea has a considerably lower amount of caffeine, which serves to elevate the mood, stimulate blood circulation, and work its magic through other beneficial medicinal compounds.

In several organizations, it is reported that consumption of green tea has increased the productivity of workforce by improving their vigilance, memory, focus, and the general mood.  In the era of work from home, this particular benefit should be good news to workers engaged in chaotic work from home environments.

Several ongoing studies suggest that Green Tea may help in preventing a range of cancers like breast, prostate and endometrial cancer, as well as protecting the brain as you age, from neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s or dementia.

On a daily basis, the catechins present in green Tea can suppress the growth of oral bacteria, making for a fresher breath through out the day, lowering risk of infections as well as helping diabetics keep that risk at bay.  Several studies also suggest a strong connection between regular consumption of green tea and lower risk of diabetes.  It may also lower cholesterol, thereby lowering risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It is a well-known fact that merely consuming warm water than cold water is beneficial for health.  Consuming a generous amount of green tea ensures that most of the hydration requirements are not only filled adequately, but the temperature also provides its benefits.  We need only look at the Japanese people, who consume green tea the most, have one of the longest living individuals in any country. 

By improving blood circulation and helping maintain a healthy metabolic rate, Green tea can help in abdominal fat reduction, aid in weight loss, improve mood and brain function, and offer a great opportunity to also add various medicinal, aromatic, and beneficial herbs in combination with green tea, that makes it both delicious and a healthy beverage.

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