How To Make Green Tea properly at Home

Are you the newbie to the world of green tea. So haven’t you ever experienced the different flavours and tastes of green tea? Sometimes it might be so bitter or flat or tasteless or sometimes too good to enjoy? The reason is the BREWING of green tea.

The taste of green tea always depends on the type of green tea and then the process of brewing it. Brewing is an easy process to do, once you understand the process. Brewing green tea controls the taste and odour of it and also its benefits.

Try our kind of tea brewing for your perfect cup of green tea.

You Need These for Brewing:

  1. Loose Leaf Tea – tea leaves of your choice
  2. A mug – for group use a kettle and for one use a mug
  3. A bowl – to boil water
  4. A Strainer or Infuser – to strain the loose-leaf from tea
  5. A lid – to cover the mug
  6. Water

How To Make Green Tea – A Step by Step Brewing Process:

1. Select Green tea:

Green tea is available in many flavours and also as loose leaf, powder and tea bags. For brewing your cup of green tea, you can choose any of its available form and flavour.

If you are using loose leaf green tea to brew, the quantity of loose-leaf green tea can be chosen according to your choice. If you want to have a strong cup of green tea, use more leaves. But, for a normal choice, it's better to choose 1-2 teaspoons of loose-leaf green tea (2.5 gm approx.). The right amount of green tea leaves will add flavour to the cup. If your choice is green tea bags, then use one bag for making a cup of green tea.

Advice! Loose leaf tea tastes better and is healthy and fresh to use. My suggestion is to go with loose leaf green tea.

2. Select The Teaware:

How many cups of green tea are you preparing? 

If you are making green tea for one person, then use a bowl to boil water and if you are brewing tea for a batch, then use a kettle to do its work. Choose your teaware accordingly.

See our collection of teaware.

Remember! Make sure your teaware is clean enough. And try to avoid plastics.

3. The Water:

Water! Water makes green tea. Choose the right water to make your cup of tea taste better. Choose filtered water or purified water. Never use distilled water or mineralized water or tap water. They might turn the taste flat as they don’t taste better and are also filled with chemicals. Because, the nature of water only determines the taste in the way one can enjoy the subtle taste of green tea leaves.

Green tea leaves are rich in antioxidants, catechins, and phytochemicals which make up the healthy part of green tea. So, as the boiling temperature is high, the nature and structure of phytochemicals might change. To reduce this loss, the water should be brought to a temperature of about to boil (i.e., 700C – 800C). 

Note: If you are heating water in a bowl, please check the hotness and then only add the loose-leaf green tea into it.

4. Brewing- How Long to Steep Green Tea?

Every loose-leaf green tea has its flavour and essence. To enhance, add all those flavours to your cup of green tea, pour hot water into the cup and add green tea to it, then put a lid over it. And if you’re using a kettle close its cap after adding loose leaf green tea to it. The best steeping time for any green tea is 2-3 minutes. If you use an infuser, that would make a great tea. 

If you allow them to brew green tea for longer periods of time with low temperature or for shorter periods of time with high temperature, the result will be almost the same. But, check for the time you brew it, as green tea has many essential things like phytochemicals, secondary metabolites, catechins, and other compounds. Once the time is up for these compounds to steep, it might change the taste bitter. Once it's done according to your time and taste, you can go for serving. 

If you want to have a strong green tea, steep for longer periods and if you want it lightly flavoured, steep it for less time. Both kinds of stepping techniques have their kind of benefits. 

5. Serving Add Flavour (Optional):

Before serving, remove the lid. If you want to have the green tea in its flavour, then you can. Or else, if you want to enhance its taste, try some spices, herbs, or sweeteners like lemon juice, cinnamon or honey. Cover with lid for one more minute. These make your brewed green tea unique and might be jaw-dropping and delicious to have. 

Here is the small list of enhancers to your cup of green tea:

  • You can add some cinnamon
  •  Some organic edible flower petals like chamomile, jasmine, lavender, rose, etc.,
  • Some herbs and herbal leaves like basil, lemongrass, mint, peppermint, etc.,
  • You can even add fresh ginger or ginger powder
  • Dried fruits pieces can also be added like a sweetener (the fruit tisanes). Example: mango, apple, peach, pineapple, strawberry, blackberry, orange, etc.,
  • Natural edible essential oils can also be added to a cup of green tea
  •  You can even add some peels of citrus fruits or jam of berry fruits. 
  • Sieve using a strainer, to remove all the floating loose leaf green tea and other ingredients.

Tip: If you love to have a hot cup of green tea, then preheat your mug by which tea loses its heat slowly. 

Some useful tips to taste your cup of green tea better

  •  Always choose a good quality and best green tea
  • Put loose leaf green tea in the air-tight container
  • Always choose loose leaf over tea bags
  • Brew green tea properly
  • You can drink it iced if you wish to do so
  • Try to sweeten the green tea by adding green tea enhancers
  • Never add dairy
  • Steep for a shorter time
  • Mix some fruit juice
  • Try infusing the green tea every time you prepare it
  • Heat your teacup if you love it hot

Why choose green tea over other teas?

Green tea is the healthiest beverage of all the beverages available and is the most drunk beverage since ages next to water. Green tea gives innumerable benefits and this makes it an incredible drink to sip on all the time. It aids in curing and preventing many diseases. It helps in controlling physical and mental stresses. Green tea aids in weight loss, digestive issues, brain functioning, heart functioning and many more.  Green tea benefits its drinker in many possible ways without compromising the taste and savour.

And if you are a beginner in the tea journey and want to know about starter green tea to your taste buds, just go and look into our article.

To sum up:

To acquire all the benefits of green tea into your cup and then into you, you should always check your brewing process. The brewing of green tea is done perfectly, then it will be your perfect partner to enjoy a stress-free world.

We are happy that we have helped you to make green tea at home. Please say in the comments if it helped or not. And also let us know your brewing methods.

Sip on!

How to make green tea properly

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