Our Story

Sasaaya precious Teas is born of a commitment to bring the essence of the world to everyone for health and happiness. To experience the best health, one needs to consciously intake good food for body, mind, and soul. At Sasaaya, we understand that the essence of nature is honed through elements of nature, and as we employ them, our Teas, essential oils, and herbs are sourced from the best growing regions, ethically harvested from wild, or grown organically, to capture nature's essence at its best. When you just smell a whiff of our special blends of teas, your exhaustion is magically removed, mind calmed, anxiety eliminated, mood elevated, and depending on the specific objective, each tea, herb, or oil seeks to entertain and engage your senses to steep through your soul. Sasaaya is a notch above premium teas- we are the elite of essence. Our formulas are painstakingly developed to give a designer experience in a simple cup of tea, massage oil or diffusion to fill your ambience with positive energy and exaltation. Come, let us elevate life to another level of joy.


Sasaaya Precious Teas

Our teas are carefully handpicked from the best of the Darjeeling Green tea estates of Himalayan hills and blended with herbs sourced across the world for their flavor and taste - Because you are precious.


We are a group of tea enthusiasts, sommeliers, tea aficionados, and entrepreneurs who found a gap in the ability of the market to provide with genuine loose-leaf teas, the right blend of teas and herbs for several occasions, and decided to fill the gap ourselves.

Sasaaya believes in being the best.  We, therefore, pick our teas from the best estates, painstakingly sort, process, blend, and package them for various tastes, moods, occasions, and ensure that you have the highest quality experience. Our unique blends are tested on a scientific basis, drawing from the traditional use of herbs, and strike the right notes that sing to your soul with each sip. We believe that loose leaf teas are the best and the sorry substitute of teabags filled with dust and fanning's does injustice to the experience of Green Teas and therefore only go with loose leaf teas.


Our Process

As a committed precious Tea brand, we source our teas from best cultivars and authentic ingredients for blends from best sources, learning from Ayurveda and herbal wellness, to create a soul stirring experience of Teas that nourish your body and elevate your soul.

Our trained Tea tasters are particular about the finesse and elegance in the flavor profile to bring that unique and exquisite taste to satisfy your taste buds to soul.

We intend to introduce a unique tea brewing and tea consuming experience that will make each day filled with vigor and joy by brewing a perfect blend of compatible and complimentary flavoring ingredients and various flushes and processed teas, from white, red, CTC Tea, black, and oolong Tea.